[MEL] world track cup 20-22 NOV

who’s going?

i’m looking into tickets for the sat night session, if they’re still available. it’s only 2 weeks away!


i’m in.

excellent. i just checked ticketek and there are still tickets left !!!

$79 for premium mezzanine seating
$39 for reserved upper seating

for 7pm 22nd nov

I will be there all day selling programmes…

definitely there…got my tickets… saturday…killer evening.
men’s madison…women’s keirin…and the ofcourse…men’s sprint finals.

see u guys there :wink:

I will be there all three days :evil:

i’m in, sarah. have you booked yet?

aww i’m sorry. i just got home and read this. i got the tickets today but if you go to ticketek on exhibition, you can get one. i got the $39 tickets for sat 22nd 7pm session and we’re sitting “upper section - row FF - seats 82, 83, 84”, right in line with the start // finish line :slight_smile: she let me choose so i guess there are still quite a few left.

I’m getting mine today.

ace! i’ll head up at lunch!


Got mine - even cheaper for students $28.50 including booking fee. Just near start finish line… well that’s what it lokoed like on the little map.

Going on the Satdee night my my old man.

Are general admission tickets available to this one? I’d prefer to be down the bottom in the middle of the track than seated up stairs.

I know it’s a bit late, but ARE THERE ANY TICKETS LEFT for Friday?
The Ticketek website says 'no longer on sale- ticket pricing at Hisense Arena. Does that mean you can just rock up and get some tomorrow?

Damp has a day session pass for tomorrow - or you might be able to get something at the gate if you come early. There were people trying to give away tickets today.

I know ndf, I just couldn’t make it today unfortunately!
I can only do Friday evening, not day. How was it today though out of interest?

Damn you nath and my autotext on my mobile…Damp haha.

Anyway not sure whether you can get tickets at the door tomorrow Horatio, but the track racing all day yesterday was awesome, and its only going to get better.

I managed a brief conversation with Shane Kelly on the steps of the stands today (Friday afternoon) and jokingly asked him if he was thinking about beginning to compete at Masters events. He replied, “Nah…ah…I might…aw…no…well, not yet.”

Is it possible that any retirement plans may yet be put on hold?

I did manage to get in to see the women’s point race 2nd heat, men’s teams pursuit qualification. The Australian team put in a commanding qualification performance, and would have to be comfortable favourites for the final. NZ look to be rebuilding too, but we seem to have a bit of a head start! Also watched the Keirin heats. Awang pulled a mono/ wheelie on the line - classy!!!


Crowd was disappointing in size - I think the organisers could have done more with the marketing. This is Melbourne after all. Cadel Evans has been getting more coverage in the media over the past couple of days for just being here. The ticketing website said no tickets available and no functional telephone number to book through either, I just tried my luck and there were heaps of unused seats. I think the ticketing website would have put people off rocking up.

So who was spreading rumors that there are no tickets left?

Useless bunch…