[MEL] You Yangs, Sat 9th Feb

It struck me this morning that I’ve never been to the You Yangs so I thought it’d be cool fun to hit some country roads this saturday and go check it out.

Plan is to swing by the regular saturday morning ride for a while, depending on what direction it goes, and then head out west. Probably pick up some lunch to take to the top, eat up there, futz around a bit and then head back (via train line if feeling rooted).


Would love to, though I can’t this weekend.

Have been wanting to do that for ages.

Hmmmm… I’m convinceable, sounds like quite a ride though, 55kms directly via car, so it would be atleast another 5 kms to get around docklands… That makes it a 120km round trip… up hills… :expressionless: but i guess it would be something new!!!

Well… Two of us are riding to Barwon Heads tomorrow morning, starting at the fixed ride. So there will be company at least to Werribee or beyond. Maybe we can drag the regular Saturday ride along the Federation trail to coffee at Werribee, then head in our different directions?

Cool beans. The hills aren’t too bad, it’s pretty easy riding if the wind stays down.

Sounds great!

Ah, a nice day in the countryside. Cows, sheep, rabbits, cockies, dusty fields and old barbed wire, water tanks and twisted gum trees, holden wrecks and boiling diesels… er…

Thanks to Cress and Nathan for the company and leading the way to Werribee.

Spectacular views from the top of Flinders Peak, highest point in the You Yangs. It’s about 40mins walk from the Turntable carpark to the lookout and I got a few laughs from runners and hikers as I crunched up the steps in cleats with a bike on my shoulder. Well worth it though - could see the tall buildings of Melbourne off to the left, Geelong to the right, Bellarine and Mornington peninsulas in the middle. No dredging boats visible that day.

Wicked tailwind on the way home to wrap it up and even got heckled by drunk girls in a black humvee stretch limo with shiny shiny spinnerz rims on the way home through Werribee.

Stay classy Werribee! :lol:

That’s Flinders Peak in the distance.

Melbourne is visible to the eye from here but not to my phone camera :frowning:

Sounds like it was a good ride man! Great pics!

I will have to try and join you next time you venture out that way

Yeah, be nice to have some company. Thinking about adding V-Line into the equation as more than a bail-out option too - could get quite far out of the city and still be home for dinner that way.