[MELB] 02/03/06 - Quicksilver screening

“For Jack Casey, playing the market
was life in the fast lane…
until he joined QUICKSILVER
where the fast lane
was a way of life!”

Ok, now that I’ve got that lame cover blurb out of the way: Anyone in the Melbourne area who wants to come over this Thursday, drink beer, eat stuff and watch Quicksilver send me a PM for the address. If you’ve never heard of the movie, its this super-lame story of this stock broker dude who loses all his money and becomes a courier. Warning: R18 rating - explicit bike porn.

Also, if there is enough people we could even have an alleycat, in a real alley! (my flat backs onto an alley). Prizes include: a copy of Quicksilver for the winner! Other prizes include: hangovers and a few Berocca if you’re lucky.


im in for sure. i’ll pm you.

p.s its not a cobble stone alley is it? :wink:

No cobble stones, a few rough parts though, but nothing too horrific.

Still no cobble stones on the main part of the lane, but this big pile of crap (broken chairs, doors, carpets) did materialise out in the lane yesterday. So, if you find the big pile of crap, you’re at the right place :wink:

Bloody hell, all the cool stuff happens when I am not around. Would love to be there, but will be stuck up some f-ing mountin helping dig dirt 100 tonnes at a time…

Big thanks to John for the beer, hospitality and a great documentary.

I’ve been scouring eBay for one of those rare Kevin Bacon super duper fixed freewheel singlespeed cluster hubs. No luck yet.

i second that - thanks john, generosity much appreciated

853, are you using that exact search term…?



I should’ve known there’d be a price to pay for willingly watching a Kevin Bacon movie.

I just discovered that the tool bag that hangs under the seat has completely disintegrated - coincidence or not? At least it had the courtesy to hang on precariously until I got home.

Maybe that battery was in fact too heavy for the tool bag? A bright light needs a heavy battery you know!

Thanks John,

Great company, great movie.


Glad you guys enjoyed it. The only problem is there is still all this BEER in my fridge and no room for food.