[Melb] 24th February Ride

Not sure if it really needs posting these days, but since we’ve had a few new members recently here’s a reminder.

7:30am Saturday

Corner Elgin & Swanston St, Carlton

Easy pace and fun for the whole family.

White Fixxer! If you’re out there, come along too!

Every Saturday…forever.

Rhino says NEG…but I will go and see the lads at the start of the Brisbane Fixie ride…

you’ve changed

girlfriends birthday tonight, so we’ll see how i pull up. if im not there at exactly 7:30am, im sound asleep! hopefully it doesnt come to that though. if the mysterious white fixxer appears, and im not around, be sure to say hello from me.

yeah rhino, you’ve changed.



p.s thats meant to be Feb 25th on the topic, yeah?

you’ve changed[/quote]

He sure has. Not only did he miss your ride, he missed ours!

I may not know him from a bar of soap, but he’s changed. Like from rough and ready Solvol to 1/4 moisturising cream Dove. Tsk tsk.