[MELB] 27/07 - House party

[b]Saturday night 29th July
House party at my house
PM/email/tieamessagetoabrickandthrowitatme if you don’t know where I live.

All welcome. Bring bikes, booze, partners, +1s.[/b]

I was planning on having a pre-party party, but that idea has fallen through (unless we end up going out after the Saturday ride and just carry on into the night…).

Are there going to be Spoke Cards?

Yeah, I would fly back if there was a spoke card.

Hey ‘bong head’ would that be Saturday the 29th of July rather the 27th??? Mull-up shit lips and don’t pack it to tight!!!

CraigC, thanks for being my bitch and tidying up after me :wink:

Spoke cards: I guess I could mix some up, the only question is what to put on them.

Sorry to spuddy, craigc and jonglong whose messages I didn’t get until after the party. I’ll have to have another one.

If you didn’t make it, I can’t recall who was there anyway, despite not drinking any beer…

Yeah that “Hydro skunk” is a real killer :wink: