[Melb] Anyone doing a Wiggle order soon?

Was hoping to grab a tire and am pretty skint so was hoping not to fill the basket with unnecessary junk if I could.

Please PM me if you’d like to combine.

Cheers GM

What tyre are you after? Just in case anyone has a spare laying around…

PM me too, I want a new kryptonite cable… I have a few spare 23c tyres around too GReenMachine.

Ah good point, looking for ideally a Conti GP4000 or similar in a 23, it’s for the roadie so I’d like it in good nic if possible, schwalbe ultremo would be fine…If you’ve got anything you’re looking to sell please PM me, thanks.

I’ve got a pair of new-in-box 23mm Conti GP4000s tyres that you could have (either one or the pair) for the replacement cost off Wiggle. (I need them, but not immediately, so would be willing to sell them only for what I could replace them for, thereby getting you tyres ASAP and without shipping costs, but without putting me out of pocket.)

Actually, Wiggle currently has free shipping on all orders, plus supercheap GP4000s. Recommend hitting that up if you’re still looking for some.

Wiggle | Continental Grand Prix 4000S Road Tyre - OE Road Race Tyres

buuuump as i need some time atac cleats.

anyone doin an order in melbourne?

If you were still on FB you would have been in on my order…
It arrived in Melb in 2 days!

not worth it :wink:

farkin wiggle has been posting in some record time of late, my ribble order took 2 days just to process.

You should have asked on G+.


ok ok, i’ll admit it, G+ is a ghost town

you gonna do an order for me andy boy?!

Pm sent.

if anyone’s doing an order in melbourne, count me in too. wanna snag a few headset spacers

are you fucking kidding me?

Headset spacers! Go and support your LBS, and you’ll have them today.

if there is a LBS that stocks deda alloy spacers, gladly

name brand spacers is the gayest thing ever.


except campagnolo spacers because they bring passion to your spacing

And if you go to say the mad hippe, he’ll prob chuck em in with some other purchase like he did for me.