(Melb) Bonus prizemoney Saturday and TSSS Sunday (1st & 2nd March)

a reminder all Melbourne based velophiles that the regular Blackburn track races have a bonus prizemoney pool for the first Saturday of March (1st) and round 5 of the Trek Summer Sprint Series is on Sunday. The last round was an absolute corker, and we hope this one will be even better.

more info :
Blackburn :

Trek Summer Sprint Series :

The weather forecast is great!
Sunday Fine. Min 14 Max 28

Also J19 Riders are allowed to ride as well now!!

Plus EVERYONE has to re do there F200 times so i can’t hide no more :? :-o :? :-o :?

Another awesome day of match sprint fun! Massive thanks to all the organisers, volunteers and riders.

This series is really something special and next month is the last one for this year. Hopefully some more of you can come along and get into it. There are no other events where you can get this kind of experience - so lock it in now:

TSSS Round 6: Sunday 6th April

Results & photos :


Race writeup

Sorry about the delay, all the photos from the TSSS round 5 are here :