Melb - Early morning coffee

Now that we have a list of all the great coffee spots in Melbourne I reckon we should check them out.

Who’s up for a quick stop at Marios Brunswick street tomorrow morning? 8:30?

i would, but early morning would need to be an hour earlier than that for me.

8:30? That’s practically lunch time!

my first lecture is at 8, so yer… early morning coffee is more like 7ish!
edit: and there are better places (imo) on brunswick st to have coffee

ok 7am at johnson and b’wick. Rigorr can pick the spot. (non coffee person here.)

make it 6… and i can make it tomoz…
otherwise can do any day in hawthorn after tom…! go unemployment!

or even a morn cruise to a few places? I’d be down for that… might have to space out the coffees tho.

wow, I really don’t know what will be open at 7am on brunswick st. It’s usually pretty dead when I cycle past.
I usually have coffee at home and go through around 7.30-7.45, if you’re keen to try your luck I’ll come past at 7, will check here at 6 or so when I get up to make lunch etc.
I’m going to need a new double ended candle soon :confused:

mario’s and vincenzo’s are open. so are some less classy establishments (red tongue, joes etc)
atomica wasnt open at 7, but had people inside, so I guess 7.30 or 8?
I did a lap, then went on my merry way, couldnt see anyone on J and brunswick, or any fixed on brunswick st for that matter… anyways, just enough time to shower before my lecture

[ FAIL ]

moving house = no internet for weeks = FAIL

what places are open early in the morning for coffee rides? i work from home when i’m not on location so anywhere anytime works for me.

i’ll cruise down b’wick street and surrounds tomorrow morning and see what i can find.

Non coffee person wanting to meet up for early morning ‘coffee’

nothing suss!

eh, i like a picolo every now and then. too much makes my head go all funny. :lol: :?

slept in today :frowning: whoops. will have a cruise tomorrow.

Where can one find aforementioned list?

This thread.