(Melb) Great Britain Hotel

From 6-6.30 onwards Friday 22/09/06…Ummm apparently they serve beer. Angus and I will there, JP also might grace us with his prescense as well. Booze on => get fat => die, sounds like a sweet deal to me!

I’ll be there, possibly with a +1 as well, though she won’t be fixed.

Big thanks to JP and Miss’us JP, Fat Fridge Pete, Loren, Angus and ME. Cracker of a night, JP is worth while inviting to any gathering/get-togeather, just add alcohol and let the fun ensue. If anyone knows where the Mountain Goat brewery is that would be great too.

I know. Cnr river & north sts richmond. Thank the postie. River st runs off bridge rd, north, next to the servo down the end.

twas a corker indeed :slight_smile: angus and pete, sorry to have bailed… but found a sixer of bohemian in my backpack in the morning, which might be nice for a post wed PM session ebay geek hour of power at mine if anyone is interested?