[Melb] Help for charity alleycat


i’m planning an alleycat in the coming month or so but could use some help in setting it up.

What I need is:

Photocopying (Directions and Spoke cards)
Laminating (Directions and Spoke cards)
Design - for flyer and for spokecards

If anyone can donate the following it would be awesome:
Envelopes - preferably something more heavy duty than a standard DL sized one. If not, anything would be great.
Paper - for photocopying onto
Laminates - A4 would be great, to fit two directions or cards onto one page.

This race is purely for charity.

Let me know if you are interested in helping out in any other way.

What city?

melbourne i assume.

i’ve got about 60ish A4 laminating pouches you can have. tell me roughly how many you need

duh - melbourne (used to city specific forum…)

it’ll depend on how many people are going to come. but i’ll probably need more than that. If you’re happy to donate them that would be awesome.

i’m hoping to be at the ride on wed if i finish work early enough. if not i’ll try to meet up with people somewhere along the trip.

there’s 70. i’ll bring them on the wednesday ride

Duh - great way to get help, duh.

i think he was duh-ing himself for not specifying, rather than slagging george off for asking.

just sayin’

yep - duh’ing myself for not putting it in to begin with.

nothing against the good man george at all. :smiley:

thanks to those who have already put up their hand to help. (i highly recommend getting outside and off the computer today though despite the wind)

More than happy to exploit my current employer for photocopying and laminating on your behalf. I have a laminating machine at home I can lend to you as well. The machine here I can’t lend out unfortunately but more than happy to while away the calls feeding jobs into the laminator. Which charity? Bike punks for total chaos? Food not bombs? Bombs not food? :smiley: Chat Wed if you like

sponsors are coming in thick and fast but i’d love some more. If anyone has any suggestions and/or contacts i’d love to hear them.

so far crumpler and mtn goat are in the pipeline.