[MELB] Meanstreetz 07

[i]Melburn’s spin on MONSTERTRACK.

An MDMA production.

Warm your tyres and skills up for the upcoming ‘Dash For Cash’ - which if you believe everything you hear, is worth $2000 this year.

If You’re Into It…

…but can non-radio types show their ‘posenger, fakenger’ faces at this event?

If you’re into it? Only if Stu’s got phat :mrgreen:

hmmm. i hand up all my assessments on the 30th. thats two weeks to learn to ride no brakes. and get good at street sprints. it might be fun to try. dieing is not so much fun though.

has this been run before? details, distance, time period, entry fee etc?

I wish i was up to standard worthy of this race.

and i run a brake too :frowning:

Will be great to go along for a few beers (depending where the start finish is)

looks good i’ll hit it up!


look out golden greek… :mrgreen:

when/ where is MS this year :?
thanks bloke.

dan sale

Hey Dan, Sik Rick (the bloke that is next door to shifter) is the organiser, I haven’t heard anything about the “when and wheres”. Knowing Rick it’ll be left to the last minute.

6.30pm start - webb bridge, docklands. word.

Does anyone know when we can see the helmet cam vid? Im very keen to see the big crash at the start.