[Melb] 'morrows Sat ride - I'm (in need of) a tool

Hey guys,

I’ve got a shiny new steed to ride the morrows fixed ride, only tonight in preparation I’ve gone to flip my flop hub, and my lock ring is loose, and I don’t have a lock ring spanner to tighten it.

Can someone please help by bringing theirs along for tomorrow mornings ride? I’d prefer not to freewheel if I can help it.

“Hey, what’s that clicking sound…?” :evil:

If not, I’m sure I can find a bike shop on the way home to help, so no biggie, just incase someone can help out for first thing.



the “lock ring” does not have to be super tight - it does nothing until your sprocket starts to loosen.

Just turn up a tad early and we’ll rotafix your cog… Bring a small piece of rag for best results :slight_smile: