[MELB] Plan to axe cars from city centre

Just read this in The Age this morning.

This quote sums it up really:
The council’s planning committee chairwoman, Cr Catherine Ng, said: “Like it or not, the car can no longer be king in Melbourne.”

The article talks about the Melbourne City Council’s plans to reduce traffic int he city and build bus and tram only lanes, to favour public transport and bicycle usage.

Good news. It’s taken them a while to realise that increasing car usage is not a solution to anything.

congratulation melbourne !

Hopefully it actually goes ahead in a timely fashion. That’s a different battle altogether.

  • Joel

Its not the cars in the city that are the worry, its the bloody TAXIs that hurt.

There was a similar article in the Melbourne Times magazine thing. Apparently one suggestion was to get rid of center/median parking in the city and make a lane for buses/transit. And the council is apprently going back on some proposed 10bil tunnel, or maybe it was a freeway.

The most interesting thing however, was a potential change to building regulations so that there would be no minimum parking spaces required, but a maximum instead.