[MELB] Police blitz on...motorists for a change.

Police enforcement — Bicycle Victoria

oh yes a 3 day blitz in the west city area, wow, I’m sure that will fix the problem straight away.

^ …and finished yesterday. Oh well, back to getting car doored and run in to.

i was riding down collins trhough Spring the other day and saw police on foot, i was in the ‘tram safety zone’ not actually on the tracks just next to for a little just to avoid that bloody green stuff and was a little worried they would ping me, they didn’t.
Then down the road an the next intersection there was 3 police on bikes radioing up to the others on foot, nice to know this is targetting peds and cars rather than bikes like i thought.

It’s better than nothing isn’t it?

I believe a “tram safety zone” is one of those tram stops with metal barriers between the tram stop and traffic. I’d hope you weren’t in one of those. :wink:

Meanwhile, this morning I saw a lot of cops, both bike and pedestrian, at the intersection of Macarthur and Spring Sts (East end of Collins). The bike cops had a motorist pulled over, and didn’t seem too interested in me. Which is good, because I didn’t have a bell on that bike. (God DAMN I am a rebel.)

guess I’m just a glass half empty kind of person.

yeah something is better than nothing, but with Melbourne being on the cusp of a serious transport problem, and a population increase, you’d think the government would get serious in trying to promote and invest in better ways of getting around, and everyone’s talking about carbon emissions so why not seriously look are things that are more environmentally friendly, like cycling. But they aren’t, so efforts like this are merely to appease the cycling minority who are getting shafted by the motoring masses.

^ What about all those blue bikes I see littered around the place?

the 100 Blue bikes, I see them, mostly in the racks, be interesting to see how much they’re being used. and it’s pretty useless if you don’t live in the city.

i think the point is you can take the train into the city from wherever you live then use the bikes to get around.

but i ride through the CBD daily and i’m yet to see someone actually using one…
hopefully it will get used though. did anyone see the documentary the other night (friday?) about the bike sharing system in paris? was pretty interesting.

i’ve seen people using them, then getting told off for not having helmets with them
fucking great system yea, cause all our tourists walk around with a netti in their bags

yep, the whole thing is a colossal waste of time and money. the bike share idea is quite good i think, but when it is poorly implemented in a country with mandatory helmet laws its just ridiculous. A friend of mine was offered a job with them to help set these things up, he questioned the organisers about the helmet issue and they just shrugged it off and pretty much said ‘yeah we dunno’
only seen two people ride them- one guy took one for a short helmetless 10metre test ride and nearly binned it when a bus drove past him which was quite amusing, he then walked it back and put it away. other one was some guy riding one today and he actually had a helmet on too.

I think we can turn to the French for inspiration…


(Which got me thinking, why don’t we grab a few one morning and do a cafe cruise?)

I’ve seen Moccos wheelie one of these things, pretty funny.

oh wow I am SO down for this!

many lols to be had. messenger/fakenger bags, team kit and cycling caps mandatory.

That would be pretty funny. what a great peleton you’d make.

^ We will need spoke cards.