Melb ride sat 21/1

OK … so far there’s 853, Primz, roguedubb, myself and maybe Rhino.

Anyone else?

Any ideas as to what you guys wanna do?


might be nice to loop around the city and then ride to brunswick track or something? dont know…

either way, i need to be back at my place by 9am, so whichever route is decided i’ll have to pike half way :frowning:


I believe that Dan and Tristian are coming, and I will see if Randell the courier will come as well…

Dedication…at Auckland Airport now, coming home to ride. Going to the velodrome sounds great. I here its bloody hot in melb…

yeah, it’s pretty hot here… 31c and really blowy. hopefully it’s not too windy tomorrow.

see you then, hope your flight is/was ok!


Good ride…5 lads turned up, and had a great ride over to Willamstown. We all tried to do backwards circles (some cheeky bugger did them), and I started to do some track-bike trials over a bench. Very hot riding, and the coffee along lygon street was some of the best…good ride, good to meet you all.

full version:


no wonder you were hanging back during the ride. I don’t remember you carrying a bag or anything. Where’d you hide the camera?

Very nice shot though.


it’s an artists impression, as i have a photographic memory

i wanted to get a picture of the group before we lost Rhino. fixed/nobrakes/flatties/hill?



…just a little camera in my pocket.


Flatties with Volleys…yeah, I think that clipless is just a fad!!!

Good photo, actually…great photo.

are we on for tomorrow des/anyone?


Yup, sat ride as usual.