Melb Roobiax

Alright who wants in…

Melburn Roobaix | FYXO

Who is coming?

Where we staying…? (how many can we fit on Dayne’s floor)

What bike ya bringing?


Yep I’m here so I’m going,

i’ll be at the foa pre-roobaix mixer.

Beaufort again Brendan?
But yeah all you fools should try to get down its a good weekend

penciled in

nah, investigating a new venue.

Pen it in!

Wife now might not be coming so LEAVEPASS has been granted

anyone else keen…

Penciling it in.

kinda want to make something up steel with modern group for this. If anybody has any decent 56cm steel frames let yourselves be known

Dubrat has a Llewelyn, but seriously just ride anything it’s about 50km over about 8 hrs kids do it on bmx’s

Given my current financial dilemma I may well be selling a 56cm kenevans…

they fixed the weird ‘open plan’ toilet setup… so much better.

Dude keep it and sell the fixies you have sah many fixies

Oi, late old reminder post, get along and get under the pergola!

Feck. Wrong thread.

Ticket booked… I am wifeless for the weekend… Who it coming ?

I had to clean vomit off my shoes.

It wasn’t my vomit.

Heads up that the next gravel grinder is gonna be the Saturday of the Roobay weekend, so if your coming to town bring a bike with 28mm plus. (and do the gravel grinder).

(yeah yeah, I found the roobaix party thread before the real thread)

I will be in attendance. Where’s the ride heading?


South East, details soon in the Melb Section.

Just realised this is the Brisbane Melb-Roobaix thread, search function worked.