[MELB] Saturday Morning Ride 5/8

[b]Yeah it’s on again this week, just like every other week.

Swanston St & Elgin St,

Everyone welcome. It’s an easy ride with only 3 or 4 dickheads to put up with.

You don’t even need a fixed, M!key!!

But this time, be warned.

I will be riding this…

…to Malvern to get it partially Danified.

So be prepared to point and laugh from a distance, while pretending you don’t know me.

That looks like an I’m gonna get fit machine

What did it set you back?


What does it need doing to it?

I’m out this weekend, but damn you’ve made gears look good.

I’m a bit torn now because this is probably inappropriately off topic :slight_smile:

But since you asked…

I got the frame on ebay for $450. Everything else but the wheels came off my 853 frame, which is not my frame anymore incidentally.

The Cosmics went on yesterday courtesy of a friend. I’m in the process of buying them. The other wheels are 32H Record hubs with straight spokes and CXP33 rims.

It’s Centaur 10sp with a Chorus BB, Colombus Muscle fork, Thomson X4 stem, ITM Kero bars, Look carbopost, Fizik Arione saddle, 53/39, 25/12 on the Record wheels and 23/12 on the Cosmics.

With a bit more work, I’ll be giving these babiesa run.

I forgot you asked…

There’s a bit of play in the hubs so they need tightening but in true Mavic fashion it requires a special tool - the Mavic Cosmic Carbone Hub Adjustment on Saturdays in fine weather Tool.

What stem is that on the 3T bars?

I guess you mean 25/12? Fuckin big cog otherwise. Are you going to be doing some TT’s? I’m thinking about building up my Colnago as such. Maybe :?

You don’t even need a fixed, M!key!!

oh, but I will… it has finished being fixed with a brake at Dan-O’s and I’ll have it back in my posession tomorrow.

I only hope that those very narrow track drops don’t scare the bejeesus out of me. They’re a long way from a nice, wide XC riser…

Other than the bars, the fact that I have never riden fixxed ever before might be an issue. That and the logistics of getting up so early.

I guess you mean 25/12? Fuckin big cog otherwise. Are you going to be doing some TT’s? I’m thinking about building up my Colnago as such. Maybe :?[/quote]

It’s just for those times when only 1:1 will do :wink:

It’s a 23/12

Cinelli Groove

just how easy is this ride going to be? like… say break-neck pace, or broken neck pace? :wink:

Average speed will be slow because I’ll be unable to fight the temptation to bugger off to the horizon, so I’ll have to stop and wait from time to time :slight_smile:

You up for coffee?

won’t that make your average speed high?

yep i’m up for coffee - let me know what time to roll down.

I meant that the average speed won’t be any higher than normal.

Des always rides his own pace and with John not here this week I probably won’t be able to fool anyone into riding faster than they want to :slight_smile:

I think I need to get one of those stems. I’ve also just discovered that the call of the fix is stronger than blood, I think I’ll abandon the plan to see family in Torquay in favour of riding all Saturday.

m1key: track bikes + riser bars = the only way to fly.

853: if you had a 1:1 ratio I’d expect to see some trials, Cosmics or no.