[Melb] Stolen: Bianchi Roger

My 57cm Bianchi Roger was stolen from a locked underground bike cage in Albert Park tonight. It’s a unique bike so I’m hoping that someone might spot it.

It’s a white single speed cross bike with disc brakes…hard to miss.

It had:

  • Miche Advanced cranks
  • Avid levers on BB7 Mechanical brakes
  • eggbeater 4ti pedals
  • Bianchi carbon fork
  • chopped black riser bars with red oury grips
  • black stock WTB Rims with WTB singleduty hubs
  • black fyxation tires

I had locking skewers on the wheels so it might be a little more difficult to strip down.

A reward is offered for info leading to the return of this bike. My heart is broken.

Any advise on where I should look or where else I should post would also be appreciated.


Are you a member of rotorburn? Itd be worth posting in their lost/stolen section as their website is viewed by a huge number of people.

Yeah - posted there too…thanks.

An easy to paste list of all Cash Converter emails in VIC for any other poor souls that suffer a theft. Worth sending them an email I’d imagine.


(I stole this from Rotoburn)

i don’t want to rub salt in the wound, but man, that bike was (is) sa-weet…

is this the bike that was at new skids on the block about 6 months ago?

Yeah - I had it at New Skids.

Love(ed) that bike.

So gutted.

There probably isn’t another one in the state let alone the city - I’m hoping someone sees it.

It wasn’t some crackhead that nicked it opportunistically…someone saw it, wanted it, waited and took it.

If you or anyone feel like putting it up on their blogs or anything I’d appreciate it!

What kinda lock were you using? I’ll keep an eye out in the northern suburbs…

It was in a ‘secure’ parking garage in a chain-link cage with a padlock. They hacked through the lock fitting on the cage - not the lock itself.

The bike had an OnGuard U lock through the frame / wheel but it wasn’t locked to anything.

I’ve made up a small poster for my missing Roger.
If you’re able to put it up at your local bike shop - tram stop - coffee shop - community bulletin board…I would really appreciate it.


So if it was in a ‘secure’ car park, do you think it might be someone in your building? I know there are probably hundreds of people in your building, but might be worth doing some investigating. Everyone has a nosey neighbour that sees and hears everything.
I’ve had two friends lose all their trade tools (which were thankfully insured) after they both stored them in their basement cage and gone on holidays.

shit news, i’ll keep an eye out. i should probably be a little more vigilant in locking my bike at work…

I don’t doubt it.
It’s a small building - not that many people.

Whoever took it knew it was there and waited for me to leave the building in my car before they went in. Either they’re very patient and devoted to their craft or they’re ‘local’.

Not much I can do about it though - no cameras - nobody saw anything - I’ve written a letter to all of the buildings occupants and put signs up around the area. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open but I’m not going to hold my breath and I don’t want to start suspecting everyone I see around me - there are more good people out there than there are assholes.

The real shame is that the bike will be hard to replace - Bianchi only made them for one year and in limited numbers at that. If someone said I could replace it with anything - blank cheque - I’d do it up all the same again. Well…maybe some sliding dropouts this time ;).


Because it’s been a year and I still miss it.

Bump because it’s been two years and I still miss it.

2 years and still broken hearted. That sucks man.