MELB: Stolen magenta/white wheel fixed CARLTON

gf’s bike got stolen from Lygon Crt carpark this morning between 930-1045.

it’s a 50cm ST (54ish TT) conversion sprayed a raspberry pink magenta colour with white weinmanns w machined surface on both, silver spokes/hubs. white cst wheels. silver suntour(?) cranks, clear plastic bmx pedals, fat silver uno stem, silver risers, light blue ourys, white charge spoon(?) saddle. if you see it yell out!!! or msg oh43zero 358 52zero

centre management wouldnt help out w security cameras :mad:


only pics I have have it with diff cranks/wheelset/saddle, but yeh you get the idea:

Well il keep an eye out dude, shame to hear it as always.

If unfortunately you don’t find it, I know of a small track frame complete that’s for sale. Just PM me if it gets to that stage. How was it locked?

Either saw this bike, or one very, very similar riding down cardigan st about 2pm today.
Same colour frame, white rims, risers & front brake. Could probably be of more help if I was paying more attention (only just saw this post then).
Wouldn’t have thought the thief stay in the area that long though…

Thanks guys
What direction/location chimpy? It does have a front brake. Any idea what they looked like?

in towards the city, going past the park just south of grattan. Honestly I don’t have a clue what they looked like. Like I said, at the time I didn’t have my eyes peeled and was looking at the bike more than the rider haha… I’m around the Carlton area all the time and will keep em peeled.

cheers mate. apparently the police think there was a bit of a bicycle theft ring in action yesterday as they had a lot of reports from the area

gah jesus, shes been riding an old hybrid to work now and someone just flogged her seat this morning. ridiculous

My wife had her bike stolen from outside our house a month ago in Carlton, not far from Lygon Ct. It had exactly the same wheelset as your gf’s bike!

It’s likely it’s the same people right? Targeting SS/fixies in Carlton?

Looks like another one here:

lame. now we have the dilemma of what to do if a dodgy ebay/gumtree ad for white weinmans comes up…