(Melb) Trek Summer Sprint Series to go ahead in summer 2008-2009

Just a quicky, we’re going to be running the match sprint series again next summer (2008-2009) at Blackburn, hopefully again supported by Trek (we’re negotiating for sponsorship at the moment), but definitely supported by aboc Cycle Coaching (funny that… :slight_smile: ).

Some preview promotional material is here :



I’ll be at the next one, barring misfortune - and definitely next season too. I basically have taken up track racing due to your efforts with this series. So pleeease keep it going!

That’s fantastic to hear, and we’ll be running it next year for sure. You can help by printing the poster and putting it up on toilet walls, out the front of the crazy horse etc (where the couriers hang out!), and generally spreading the word that it exists. The series is quite unique as far as I know, and we’re really keen to make it more fun next summer.