[MELB] Une Journ?e En Enfer

Here’s another reminder - A Day in Hell

If you missed it last year, don’t make the same mistake twice. This ride is so much fun, it’s totally on the scale! Every finisher is eligible to win a pair of Phil hubs, no matter how quick you can ride.

From Fyxomatosis

Course finalised. My teeth are still rattling in my jaw. Ugly nearly cried on the reconnaissance mission in the rain.

People have asked ‘can you do it on a fixed wheel?’

We ask you, will you WANT to ride it on a fixed wheel?

We plan to seperate the fixed from the free, the hard from the meek.

Oh, and ALL finishers go into the draw for the grand prize of:
[li]PHIL WOOD TRACK HUBS from CTA[/li][li]Wheelbuilds and schwag from Shifterbikes[/li][/ul]

It doesn’t get much easier than that.

It’s a ride - not a race.

Yo Nick,

Think you’ll be right to ride this one?


According to Andy’s site, this year’s course is 30 km.

So no excuses. Everyone should be able to ride this one. Come out for a good time!


Even if it kills me.

I can’t wait

looken forward to it!

What a way to celebrate my b’day!!! Should be a great day. I heard somewhere that this is a non-serious race, more than a full on “go hard or go home” type, true?

True. It’s not a race, it’s an event. :slight_smile:

Which means that you can go as fast as you dare! :wink:

Or not.

Yes, it’s not serious. But for some reason, “team fixie” last year was sprinting like it was a race even though there was chat prior on taking it easy.

Just ride however you like.


We weren’t going that fast… were we?

I’m an easy-rider. Anything above 20 Km/h is pretty fast for me :roll:

Well, by all accounts it’s a more challenging route too, so 20km might end up being a flying av. speed! :wink:

BTW guys - we all should get there early as the entries are limited to 200 this year.

Hmmm good idea Mikey. I’d say most of us would still like to go for the usual morning ride, though I think we should limit this to an easy around town cruize. Grab some brunch ~10am then rock on to Fed.

What say you people?

It’s not like you to say something lucid and sensible Chris. But I like it when you do :wink:

Sounds like a plan.

It’s not like you to say something lucid and sensible Chris. But I like it when you do ;)[/quote]

Don’t be like that Nick it’s unbecoming. Anyway we all have our faults, I’ve got footage of yours :evil:

And you’re not the only one!

There will be a pre-roobiax ride.

Meet at Fed Sq 9am. Ride to various bike shops so that snowflake can look at shoes. Ride back to Fed Sq (ETA ~11am) for food and drink.

Those wanting more serious riding can organise your own thing before we all hook up for the roobiax.


I’ll probably be at Fed Sq. normal time (7:30) for an easy roll around - then come back to meet you guys at 9am.

Can someone sign in for me? Hey, it’s my b’day after all :mrgreen:
I hope to be there ~11am…