[MELB] Une Journ?e En Enfer

Doesn’t start until 12 Chris. Give me a call if you’re gonna be late and I’ll sign in for you.

Yeah it does, I was just thinking if the 200 places fill quick then I might miss out. Scouts motto!
Cheers mate.

Just a reminder … There will be three meets at Fed Sq tomorrow.

  1. 7.30 am (ndf and whoever)
  2. 9.00 am (myself, snowflake and whoever)
  3. 11.00 am (re-group for roobiax)

Rain or shine, we will be there.


Are you & Nick shopping for nursery equipment for your love child? :smiley:

11am for pre-ride brandy

I wish. Nick is alittle cold to the idea at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:

ndf and Damo. Bring it on.

What ‘scouts motto’…dib dib dib dob dob dob …or ‘please don’t rape me Mr Scout Leader’

Had a blast. Really fun event. Thanks to all that organized, rode and were nice along the way. No thanks to certain dicks for knocking a friend off of his bike and not stopping to see if he was OK. Wankers.


What? Who? What happened?

oh yeah it was a great ride, big thanks to the organisers, and Nath /kressida/chris i would have been lost without your cartography skilz

that was a good ride. i got home and took off my shoes and my toes were all wrinkly from being so wet

During the 1st couple of check points on the southern end of the course a guy undercut a friend who was riding, and from what I saw clipped him, said friend went down rather hard and it was very audible, ie. The clipper would have heard him bin it. He just kept riding. Wanker. Friend was ok, a bit shaken up and a cut on his hand. I found it disapointing that this happened, it was meant to be a fun ride.


That’s fucked. IMO there is no excuse for not stopping to at least check that someone’s ok, whether you’re directly involved in a crash or not.
Glad he wasn’t too banged up.

Awesome ride…

Almost lost my ability to sire children near Crown/MEC when I was back pedalling to slow down through traffic and a chainring bolt popped… chain fell fell off and I almost made good friends with the top tube…

Has left the frame with some nice marks across the chain stay :frowning:

Why would you want to sire any of those filthy, noisy things Snuffy? Just take CraigC as your example…

And speaking of CraigC, it’s good to see that he got a mention in the Fixomatosus (sic) write-up for his superlative lying abilities. Kudos Craig, you are an example to us all.

I’m in this photo somewhere, my bike is on the fence on the left hand side!

Yellow woth red tape.

Best ride ever,

Thanks to everyone involved

Someone has to keep the human race going…

Someone has to keep the human race going…

Only that there will be someone to take care of us when we’re all old and wrinkled :wink:

As far as the ride goes it was heaps of fun, a great way to get back on after nearly a months hiatus.
My thanks go to Andy and crew for the organization, Cres for her map reading skills, Nath and Damoh for chasing and all the other bitches for makin it such a bonza day!

Thanks also go to Melbourne weather too for cleaning the rig so damn well, won’t have to do it for another year now :expressionless:

Your Furnari would have to be winner of “best bike of the day” for me… Arriving covered in a beautiful layer of winter grime, layed down on the ground… it just screamed out : “let’s ride damnit!!”