[MELB] video screening

Given the success (nothing got broken) of the Quicksilver screening some months back, I’m going to do it again. But this time I am poor so you need to bring your own beer (Des - I think I still have those chips you brought). The movie is still to be decided, but it will be a bike film.

Date: Wednesday 5th July
Time: 6:30 meet out the back of Fed Square for the usual ride/tricks, then back to my place about 8:00-8:30.

Either turn-up for the ride/trick session or PM me if you want to come and don’t have my number/address.

All welcome, bikes can come inside so no locks required. If you get too drunk you’re welcome to sleep on the tiles (actually, there are a couple of couches, beanbags and the like).

I’ll bring more chips then.

The Friday following (7th July) the movie I’m also having a house party. Any time after 8:00 is respectable to turn up. And if you live out in the sticks feel free to stay if you want to come along for the Saturday ride but can’t be assed going home (doonas/blankets not provided).

But, given the last party my house-mate put on, there may not be any sleeping.

+1’s welcome, so long as they don’t break shit.

Call/message/email/PM if you want to come but need to know where my place is.

So if I bring somebody, only I can break shit?

On the subject of movie screenings, I have Overcoming on DVD if you’re interested. Probably not as entertaining as Quicksilver though.

I’m leaning towards a fun cycling film more than a serious one (though I do want to see Overcoming). You can break what-ever you want, because I still owe you a tube, CO2 cannister and the hour it would’ve taken me to changing the flat.

A Sunday In Hell is a fun film :wink: How about Rad? then you get a comedy, love story and high concept penis flick all in one!

Ahh RAD…what a movie. Is that the one where they are ‘dacing on bikes’ in a ballroom?

Unfortunately, I’ll have to bail for tomorrow’s movie night.

Someone else will have to bring the chips :slight_smile:



So, no more party this Friday. Too many “maybe’s” pushed me over the edge. Re-scheduled for 29th July, invites to follow. And JP, this wasn’t just a plot to steal your beer :wink: