[Melb] Waffles & Chocolate

Just like always, we’ll be riding on Saturday morning at 7:30, meeting at the corner of Swanston St and Elgin St, Carlton.

But…being the last Saturday of the month, this is the Belgian Beer Cafe Cycling Club monthly ride and breakfast.

So, come along, enjoy the ride and then stuff large amounts of fruit, toast, croissants, waffles and chocolate down your gob afterwards.

Sounds rad. Pity ill be at my shit-eating-cousins-twentyonest.

at 9am?

thats keen.


It starts on Friday night.


Wouldn’t be the first time someone has turned up to the sat morning ride partially drunk :slight_smile:


Roguedubb does it all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Long way from Beechworth… unless someone wants to place a wager?

Hey I’ve never been partly drunk for a Saturday ride! I’m normally fine, unless I’m trashed from the night before, or unless the ride finishes up with beer…

BEER!!! did someone say beer??? Cool if the Saturday morning rides are finishing with beer I’m there…


Wednesday is the beer ride, though that could be extended to more Saturdays…

Are you getting a good turn-out for the Wednesday Night?

Are you getting a good turn-out for the Wednesday Night?[/quote]

There’s a hardcore four and now JP makes five.

Then there are the people who swing by to pick-up “goods” sometimes, but they never stay for too long.

There’s some kind of jogging club as well, which runs by at the same time every week. We may need to have a turf war with them at some stage. Why? Well, I’ve been going through movies for another film night and I realised the only thing we’ve never had is one of those: us VS them scenes. The only thing I can’t decide is if we are evil or good?