Melbourne Alleycat 17th March

There is an alleycat running on the 17th of march, meeting 6:30pm at queen st and franklin roundabout - $10 entry

hopefully i’ll be there.


The first leg is a race against Laurence Fishburne, from NYC to San Francisco.

If you survive that there’s a final duel against Gypsy (who’ll be driving a car).

And the prize is a super Bacon hub.

Cars are for jars.

Second leg will be 360 degree spins on your homeless handle bars and riding on your back wheel sitting on your headtube.

The super Bacon hub prize is cool. Even cooler would be the super Bacon groupset with the contractable front chainring and auto-self-truing front wheel.

Is there a theme? Can I get dressed up?

yes the theme is fairies. Secondary prizes for the largest wand raced with.

  • Joel

is spectating/documenting allowed? I’ll be in town and would love to have a look!

Ride or race…my only tip, is if you actually want to podium…take every risk you can! Its scary good fun…

Lifted from site.

So the time is upon us to forget the referendums of the past (and how to spell common) and take up arms to fight for the spirit of the common wank. Gone are the glory days when sport was sport and life was, well , life and you could get thru the month without having to field a million questions from people who have never even heard of a hook turn. So in this spirit of goodwill and god save that facist regime i invite you to the comenwealth cup. Details r right beside me and if u can’t read that then i guess i’m not doing a very good job of this web thingamajigga. Just remember… NO LOCK, NO START! so don’t forget. oh yeah… and have a good time. This will probly be ammended to actually include some info on prizes once i sober up… Cheers!

“support the MDMA”


well, in true form, i will be missing this due to married-like commitments.

have fun to whoever is going.


Well, I’m not sure where exactly I lost everyone, but I did and after doing a loop of the city I got bored and decided I was better off not finding Nick in case he bought me a beer.