melbourne and australian frame builders

I’m seeking recommendations for local frame builders who work in steel.
Cecil seem to make good frames but they’re not that exciting (pretty).
My last roadie was a hillbrick and I was pretty happy with that although I don’t have any real experience on road bikes other than that.
Llewellyns are awesome but he’s talking about 5 - 7 months
Baums are pretty nice but I think I’d rather spend the money on a llewellyn.
Dad had a hillbrick many years ago. Something cracked and despite him having bought it second hand, they fixed whatever it was iirc.

Other than that I don’t really know what’s around.

Enlighten me. Share your praise and horror stories.

I dont think there are a whole lot more options to consider these days,
If You could get Darryl Perkins to build you a frame than do it!
Otherwise might look at Hillman, not sure who is actually building their frames though, someone will know otherwise Kookie,
That pretty well covers Vic I think, having said that I also think there might be someone in Flemington or Kensington who build more touring orientated bikes but could be wrong.
God luck!

I prefer Frezoni (Joe Cosgrove), who paints Darryl’s frames but is the better framebuilder IMHO.

What about Matt from Kookie Bikes, he seems like a good bloke and he even belongs to this forum. If I remember correctly, a while ago it said he visited japan to have lessons with one of their top framebuilders, but take that with a grain of salt cause I’m probably confused somewhere. :roll:

I like my Paconi which I got used. Although this is an older frame and I’ve heard rumours that the attention to detail isn’t as good these days. As for decals, mine was repainted by the previous owner (also by Paconi). For the logo, they masked the “paconi” and painted a white panel over. So there’s no actual decal. Very Classy.

Photo from Omar.



What’s with the ‘ugly-ass’ saddle, Des?

cheap and comfy. no one can see my saddle when i’m riding so it doesn’t need to be pretty.


nah, thats the story and the “top framebuilder” was Nagasawa. I think he did (does?) spend a lot of time with him.
that white Kookie with the Max stays was/is on of the nices and best conceived things I’ve seen. Is that guy Beretto still making frames? He had some connection to Llewellyn?
If I had time and money to burn, I’d def go a perkins too.

Brett Richardson has nothing to do with Darryl. Brett mostly teaches bike mechanics nowadays but still builds penny farthings occasionally.

Have a surf through here.
I’ve spoken to Geoff Duke a few times. I think he teaches at Melb Uni and builds in his spare time.

So I spoke to Kevin at Paconi today.
They now do retail which is great.
I can get an 853 frame which is also great.
Now I just need to get my arse down to braeside at 8:30 one morning before work o_0

I have heard of Geoff Dukes. Do you know if his bikes are any good? Anyone riding one?

Depends what you define as local but Warwick at Thylancine cycles has his frames built in the US to your specifications.

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OK I’ll give the thread another shove.

FWIW I’ve been happy with my Paconi, built for me about 7 years ago. Columbus EL-OS megatube. Finish looks a little agricultural but that’s partly my fault, I ordered it tig’d when I really meant fillet brazed. All the same ride quality is like creamery butter and the fit is just right. Mostly use it for training these days but still race it occasionally (eg crit this morning).

Will probably get it repainted this year, good for another 7 :smiley:

IIRC Wiggo builds a lot of Cecil’s bikes (I think Cecil’s has a stake in the business but I could be wrong about that)

If I was looking for another steel frame (and had the coin and the patience) I’d go with Perko for sure if he’s in the building mood. He does beautiful work and not everybody has one.

Yeah, I guess my frame is technically a Melbourne built frame - though given that it was built in a back shed by a guy who’s only built two and half frames, it’s more a prototype than anything - but a damn good one at that.

besides the chainring brushing the back stays for a while (fixed with a bit of ‘cold-forging’) - It’s been an absolute dream to ride, and if it’s maker ever finds the time to produce more than one frame every 18 months, I’d certainly recommend him.

too busy selling helmets i think… :wink:

There is also