melbourne bike share job

hey all

melbourne’s bike share scheme are looking for a general manager.

Alta Bicycle Share :: Melbourne General Manager

get amongst it!

ps - nice to see there’s a new rack of these bikes on leveson street, north melbourne :slight_smile:

This has been advertised for months (on both BV and EthicalJobs from memory). Another unflushable turd !

“Sense of humour required”

…because clearly Alta/RACV has one

…or because the bike share scheme is a fucking joke !

part of me was posting this in the hope someone here would be passionate enough to get the job and try to change it for the better.

you two need not apply

I wish they didn’t need degrees and experience. I’d like to try doing that job.

me too dylan, me too

Whyyyy must I be unqualified at stuff Roldorf?

don’t sell yourself short dyldo baggins, your upholstery stuff appears to be of high quality, and i imagine that shit is hard!

i don’t mind the lack of qualification as such, i just hate the fact that i have no fucking idea what i’d like to invest time and money into studying!

Good on you Rolly. I’d love to see someone make it work too.

dont mean to be ignorant but what needs changing for the better?

i didn’t re-read it, but this thread has a fair amount of opinion/info on the topic.

the main criticism is the fact that mandatory helmet laws prevent people using the bikes on a spur of the moment trip etc. tourists are hardly going to have a helmet and may think going to 7/11 to buy one of the cheap options is just one step too far if the enthusiasm is easily doused…

How much are the helmets from the 7/11?
I always see these bikes when I’m in melbs and wondered about the helmets.

Are they returnable or do you get to keep them (helmets not bikes)

think they’re $5. if you return them you get $2-3. or keep them for $5, but again, you’re not gonna carry one around in case you hire a bike.

i have heard of some workplaces paying for their employees to use the bikes to get across town for meetings etc and think that’s a great idea (weather permitting). cheaper and maybe quicker than cabs, healthier, fun, green etc…

Melbourne Bike Share | Helmet locations

$5 each, and you can return them if you want and get $3 back. so an effective cost of $2 to hire.

^^ as Rolly said up there ^^

are they any good?
My helmet is thrashed, fiance is in melbs for a week from Monday, could get her to pick me one up and bring it back to adelaide, saving myself $70 on a newie for the time being.

i wouldn’t wear one

i’ve got two of them, an early one with funky gray/black patterns, and a newer one which is blue and has branding on it. they are foam, have a thin plastic shell, have a standards sticker and they will save you a fine much like most other helmets.

but is you’re head/life really only worth $5??

i’d apply anyway dude. spruce your resume up, rip out a covering letter etc.

ah yep didnt think of that! i heard southern star? train station has the helmet vending machine, how hard is it to put them next to the bike share racks? and yeah my mate works for the governement and they pay him $10 tax free everyday if he rides his bike to work, which is pretty cool