melbourne bike share job

ah yep didnt think of that! i heard southern cross(?) train station has the helmet vending machine, how hard is it to put them next to the bike share racks? and yeah my mate works for the governement and they pay him $10 tax free everyday if he rides his bike to work, which is pretty cool

what department?

The ATO.

strategic town planner for the city of swan, in WA

I know a poisoned chalice when I see one.

It’d be a great challenge, but… /\ as above.

Rolly, if you are interested do as Mckenny suggests and give your resume a good polish and send it in.

If no-one else applies then they still have to fill the role. You might get an interview based on something else in your resume and impress them with your passion and ginger charms. B/c you dont have the ‘experience’ or ‘qualifications’ you might not get the original pay grade, but you never know until you try.

At least you won’t be able to complain about your job for a bit…

Doo it!!!

fuck they might even have another job thats more your style and give you that!

you were sounding quite believable up until this bit.

Oh c’mon I swoon to Roland’s charms whenever I get within 4m of the guy.

spose i better reread the job description again hey…

thanks everyone, except p-dub. look, i apologised for not coming to your birthday!!!

dylan, always the gentleman :slight_smile: