Melbourne Cup Day Ride [tomorrow!]

im pretty sore, so im keen for a long* easy ride with a moderate pace,

thinking we meet at 10.30 at fed square then head off on a decided route at 11,

finishing up at edinbrough gardens for drinks and chilling at about 2???
keen? coz im keen?

*by long i mean 3 hours none of this sorrento/portsie bullshit

Something like this? It’s probably a bit longer than what your after but we can always make it shorter

i was thinking we should combine,
but already have a couple of peeps dialed in for the lazy start of 10.30…
plus i dont know if i’d even be able to make 9, as my bike is in a different place to my knicks… and i dont really wanna use one with out the other, any chance you guys want a bit more of a sleep in?

The sleep in sounds good. 10:30 at fed square it is. Are you guys up for king lake?

ive always wanted to do it, im sure the group will be keen to at least head in that direction at the least

I am in…
9.00 or 10.30, king lake.

10.30 fed square

No 9:00 now. everyone interested in either ride meet at 10:30

if i don’t go swimming/CX, i’ll do this.

also, gene, saw you at BB but didn’t say hi. soz.

oah you we’re sitting next to? horatio? in the grey suit?
i thought i recognized you!

yep, the schumck in the suit

Fixed that for you.

gene genie: you are sore/bruised and want to ride kinglake for the first time? hehe…

i will head in that direction didn’t say i would make it all the way

i so will aim to be there… though im not going to ride to king lake

shiit. king lake eyy? i may make it to fed square by 10:30

It looks like the weather may end up deciding where we ride to

see here for a brief wind-up