Melbourne Cup

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a poorer post event coverage of an event by a major TV broadcaster.

What a total waste of keeping the customers engaged, and driving off a story that is unique and very underdog Australian.

Not even a replay of the finish.

Emirates would be ropable. Tennis Australia will be sipping champagne though.


(i couldn’t give a shit who wins a horse race no matter how “underdog australian”)

Booo horse racing!

Spellchecked for you

“i couldn’t give a shit who wins a horse race, as long as we get 2 public holidays”


Did bludge for an hour and eat all the snacks at work though. Not mad at that.

Get off your high horse.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist).

I wasn’t impressed. In the sweep at work, I drew two horses, named (I think), Walking Frame and Still Stuck in the Gate.

Only saw the race itself and the immediate aftermath and yeah, it’s about the knobs, not the horse racing (but never has been).

Quit nagging.

Aww just buck off.

Shut up, before you get bit.

rein it in fellas.

Horse racing and the whole bullshit show that goes with it is a fucking disgrace.


One more and I’m gonna bolt, I tell ya

Cor, settle down with me nosebag and look what happens

This thread has got up quite the canter

Don’t listen to the neigh sayers!