Melbourne Gravel Grinders #7 - King of Lake

Melbourne Gravel Grinders #7 - King of Lake by king of fishes, on Flickr

Bit of climbing in this one = awesome views! Do yourself a favour…

My girl has that day booked in the calender. If she cancels that I’m in.

I did put myself in the hurt locker riding the long way up Mt Donna Buang last weekend so a bit worried that she will cancel.




Holy crap, this weekend!

Woot! More details are up :

Melbourne Gravel Grinders

This one’s gonna be rad!

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aaaaaand i’m kinda tempted, but my fitness is kinda fucked after a week of lying on the couch.

maybe though…maybe.

I wil bring cycle atellier Ranga hats if you come :stuck_out_tongue:

shit, i never replied to your last PM!! whoops, sorry mate!

will add that to the pros v cons list… :wink:

You replied, I’m just trying to make sure there is someone i can keep up with on the ride :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll bring the hats anyway

i did?? fuckin hell, panadeine forte makes everything hazy…

Got a turbo trainer at mine that you’re welcome to borrow… CAAAAA’mon, do it! You know you want to.

nahhhh, if i do it, i’ll just throw myself straight into the deep end.

angry/blakey, is this gonna be slightly more challenging than the last one?

Looking forward to it and glad that I’ve just installed my X9 derailleur + 36T cassette.

Bet you’ll still walk at least one bit. You’ll know it when you see it :wink:

Well there’s a decent climb near the start - Mt Everard Track, first 3.8km is the worst - and then it’s all gravy apart from some really short steep bits. I reconned it on my SS Crosscheck and just walked a bit when it got too hard. Would have taken some awesome photos but my iPhone was on the fritz due to rain. You’ll be kicking yourself if you miss it!

Pumped. Doing the double again - Pop Stewart Handicap and MGG #7

thanks mate, will start preparation asap. i know that part of the world is pretty beautiful, would like to see more of it.

If you’re enjoying the view your not riding hard enough.