Melbourne Gravel Grinders #8 - Fruit Fly

Melbourne Gravel Grinders #8 - Fruit Fly by king of fishes, on Flickr

More details on the blog soon…

Just put up some more details here :

Melbourne Gravel Grinders: MGG #8 details


I hope I can get a leave pass… Angry when’s the new baby due?

November 11th. If she can hang on until after Spooky CX I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

Hey Angry, how brutal are the track/road surfaces compared last MGG?

Er, which bit?! This one’s got everything from paved road to singletrack. I’d say pretty similar overall to the last one - a real mixed bag.

i haven’t fixed the rear puncture or replaced the completely worn brake pads from GG7!! hahaha.

i’m out anyway, family stuff on.

If the surfaces/grades are anything like MGG7 it looks like my investment in more walkable shoes will pay off :stuck_out_tongue:

If any one is interested I’ll probabaly be bringing a few DaFROG’S racing hats along as i brought some along the the last MGG and they were snaped up :stuck_out_tongue:

cool beans, CX bike it is… have a pretty nice ‘loaner’ to ride this weekend! yew.

Chance of rain…

Just coming back of a decent bout of the flu, will be there. Chances of making everyone wait for me at the end… High.

is there gonna be places to get food? or should i stock up on lammingtons beforehand?

There’s two checkpoints, both of which will probably do you a lamington.

Don’t get married and don’t have kids. I’m out.

tell your wife to hang out with karina.

Anyone care to tell the story of this??!

Yeah, do tell Trigger. You ok?

I heard they sneaked onto the practice ski jump and got too rad.

blakey speaks the truth. i lost count but, i think he did a quad backflip but just timed the landing a little poorly.

that’ll buff right out…

‘never follow a dutchman’

another great day out riding pretty much every kind of terrain out there with good peoples.

Never follow a Dutchman indeed! Props to Jelmer for tearing up the trails on the way down from the general store, and sorry for taking Mckenny and Jelmer 2.4kms further down the mountain than we needed to. As for the crash, it happened down the steep grassy hill near Mt. Evelyn. Jelmer took off through the grass to the right of the path at the speed of light and I thought I’d follow him. I was going pretty quick in the drops and was rattling around, couldn’t really see much, just holding on and repeating to myself ‘speed is your friend’. I didn’t see the big gutter cutting through the grass and just rode straight into it, my tube exploded making a pretty loud noise and as you’ve seen my front wheel decided to take up yoga and performed a downward dog on itself. Luckily I didn’t go over the top of my bars but rather just got ejected straight into the ground head first. My helmet did it’s job and cracked, leaving my head intact. A few bruises and scrapes but nothing other than that. Also the bike (excluding the front wheel) seems to be fine.

Feel pretty lucky I didn’t do any serious damage to myself as I was going pretty hard. I’m feeling a bit sore today but nothing out of the ordinary. I’d jut like to thank all the peeps who have messaged me, this community of ours is full o good kind hearted peeps. Jelmer and McKenny were rad and took good care of me and Jelmers mate took a significant detour to come and pick me up in his car and take me home, what a legend. Cheers to Angry and Blakey, up until that point I’d had an awesome day.