Melbourne / Melburn Roobaix 2011

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Sunday 26th June.


Looks like some Adelaide people (myself included) will be coming over for it… Hopefully. If we can register. I’ll more than likely be on the road bike though. It can fit bigger tyres.

you won’t need them. every time i’ve done it i’ve ridden 23s.

Same, but now I run Bontrager Racelite Hardcases in 28mm at 100psi on my CAAD9 and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, makes sense for commuting since I don’t race. And will suit the Melburn Roubaix just fine

true. i tend to favour a “ride what you got” philosophy. you don’t need anything special for the day.

spot on, that’s what makes the day so fun.

if you need somewhere to stay, give me a holler

^ What if I need somewhere to stay?

thats what benzys house is for… he owes you. plus if we start at the same park as last your your transfer to the start line will be reduced increasing your chance of glory on the day.

+100 on fatter tyres. you dont NEED them, but you will enjoy the ride more if you run them. i’ve run a bit less pressure to take the sting out of the pave as well, usually about 60-70psi.

it is one of the most fun events i’ve been participated in… so many awesome moments!

I intend to go to the other way of the fatter tyre brigade and ride the day without tyres at all.

Thanks for the offer, but I’ll either stay with Clarion (he doesn’t know this yet) or if I’m with the wife we’ll find some accomodation.

And Brendan, my roadie has got 25’s on it, but if I manage to finish it in time, I might ride the Shogun tourer ghettocross with some 35’s.

Ride the tallbike?
Probablsy not.
Get the gf to come along for a ride? YEAH!

If you ride the course on rims, I’ll create a prize in your honour.

pffft. I’m not planning on bringing a bike.


Could I also get a special prize if I did this?

No way Trigger, the schtick is mine!

Sorry Trigger.

You’re in the borat mankini category. Accept that challenge…

The rim job is a lot harder than it sounds.

boom tish!

I did it last yeah with the missus for our first time and she loved it! Hopefully I’m back on the bike by then.

my gf did it last time on a bke made from my spare parts, on 85 gear inches mate. :-/