Melbourne place to stay with bike.

I am going to Melbourne in a month or two (from Perth) to have a look around and I want to do it via my bike.

What I’m after is a cheapish apartment in the city where I’m unlikely to be busted for keeping my bike in my room rather than chaining it up somewhere outside.

Anyone know some kind of accommodation in the city where. I won’t have to walk my bike past reception every night?

Many thanks

Im sure most places will be fine with you keeping your bike in your room.

We did it no problems at Rydges in Nth Melbourne for the Roobaix.

We stayed in the Plum apartments Arden St north Melbourne for the Roobaix. No check in on site and around the $100 a night with full facilities. The place did smell a bit like arse but it was comfortable enough:- Plum Serviced Apartments North Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia - 16 Guest reviews. Book your hotel now!

Ok great thanks, just thought if check in was off site it may save any issues :slight_smile:

Hey mate. I stayed at Space Hotel. In the city and I kept a bike in the room with me with no problems, just a small room with a single bed. Shared bathrooms which were cleaned twice daily. Best hostel I have stayed in.

The room was about $70 per night from memory.

we stayed in some shit hole backpackers in a converted office building on flinders lane just near the train station

they dont care what you take into your room

it was fuggin cheap, cant remember exactly but FUGGIN cheap

no telly in the room or anything (no windows either!)

I’ve got to stick my hand up for that one mate. My bad!