MELBOURNE - Stolen Blue Atom Track

My bike was stolen outside Old Engineering in Melbourne Uni, last Friday night.

Looks like pic below, with minor changes, most major one being the front wheel changed to a raw black potato/aerospoke.

The bike is branded as ‘Atom’, with Columbus Max tubing, and most uniquely the seat tube rises far past where it meets the top tube, with the clamp at the top, like in the pic below.

This bike meant a lot to me, I just want it back. If anyone could help me out, I’d really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Cheers, Coulson

my spok was bad luck for you man, sorry to hear.

thanks mr dylan, though it waasn’t you spok. only rainbows and children’s laughter ever came out of it

Have you contacted the Bicycle Coordination Officer? I think her name is Beck Roy if I remember properly. From my limited contact with her she seems nice and helpful. Maybe she can help?

hmm, haven’t done that. i did report it to campus security, but i will try that out

wait, what happened to my spok then? cos i builtr up your bianchi, didn’t like it, sold it, bought a roadie.

oh, i meant the spok didn’t cause the bad luck. it was a source of everlasting joy and happiness, though it was whisked off with the rest of the bike

Hmm, yeah, that’s a bummer. Cos I was gonna offer you cash to get the wheelset back.
Oh well!

That’s a real shame, will keep my eyes peeled.

cheers dude, appreciate it