Melbourne Summer Cycle 2011

Hi guys,

Tried searching in the forum for this but has anyone tackled the Melbourne Summer Cycle on their fixie before? How did you go and how hard is the West Gate Bridge climb and descent after?

It looks impressive before you get there but the Westgate is barely a climb at all. And therefore the descent is nothing to worry about either.

cool! So you’ve done this numerous times snowflake? btw any recommendations on a decent not too expensive helmet? I was thinking of getting one for this event and for future long rides, been looking at the Met Inferno, Giro Ionos and Lazer Genesis

I’ve ridden over the Westgate once on a MTB with slicks and I was surprised how easy it was. And I’m no mountain goat. I did hit 60km/h on the way down but I was trying to go fast.

As far as helmets go, just hit the shops and try some on. Everyone has different preferences so opinions are too subjective to be very useful I reckon. But check out the Adura/Tec helmets. They’re light, well ventilated, inexpensive and they fit my head well.

If you normally wear sunglasses while riding, make sure you take them with you when you’re trying on helmets.

So you reckon a fixie won’t be much different from riding a MTB up the west gate huh? I think I will need to slow down on the descent as my pedals will prob be spinning like crazy and I won’t be able to coast. Should be a good experience I guess


go for a spin along Yarra Blvd, (I’m guessing) that has similar gradients, and should give you an idea of what you’re capable on with hills.

Use a front brake.

Dunno about the gradients really but the Westgate is a far better road surface. Yarra Blvd is a shit surface.

I’ll be riding fixed for the MSC.
If I can ride up the Westgate, you can easily.

oah for a second i thought this was shortsie… damn

Great Caz! At least I know I won’t be the only one riding fixed at the MSC. Will go register ASAP! Wonder if there will be people getting off and pushing if it is too much for em hmmmmmm…as long as it aint windy and I dont get pushed off my bike as I’m not the heaviest of people

^ I’ll be there riding fixed. My best mate has been diagnosed with MS only a couple months ago, so it has extra meaning this time.

Sorry to hear Dan…I’m sure u riding in the event will mean a lot to him… I’ll def sign up too! See u guys there but then again prob won’t even know who u guys are…i’ll just give a shout out to any fixie riders I see hehehehehe

Do you have a front brake on your bike?

lol I have both… :slight_smile:
sorry IM still a noob fixie rider

That’s fine, you shouldn’t be apologizing for it, it’s good. I was just wondering because if you do, then you shouldn’t have any difficulty descending any hill, no matter how steep it is. Have fun on the ride.

Don’t be sorry at all. keep those brakes on.

Im still undecided to rock up on a fixie or a roadie. I joined this event with the bank I work for and I don’t know if a fixie will fit in with their culture :stuck_out_tongue:

In that case you should ride your fixed gear!