Melbourne to Adelaide via the coast (Feb 15th-22nd)

I will be riding from Melbourne to Adelaide (via the coast) on the 15th of Feb with an expected arrival on the 22nd of Feb. Its just over 1000km so in 8 days this will be pretty cruisy. I plan on taking the touring bike ( or maybe the road bike) and will take paniers with a tent, MSR stove etc etc. I’m envisioning camping by the coast every night!!

My plan is to be in Adelaide for the start of the Arts festival where i will be working for two weeks and then ride or fly home.

It would be wonderful to have company on the trip up so if anyone is interested then let me know. You can ride whatever you want but will need to be able to carry some camping gear i guess.


Hit me up when you’re in Adelaide, we’ll grab some beers or something.

mate,this sounds so good,if i can get more time off work i,m in.

Benzy, it would be a pleasure to have you along :slight_smile:

cheers man,will be back to work next week,will test out the waters when i get back. :wink:

I can’t do it in February but I am planning to do this ride sometime over the next year or so. Please post routes, ride reports etc as I’d be very interested!! Hope you have a great time!!

Also, I wondered if I’d be better off flying/driving to Adelaide and riding to Melbourne as there would be a higher chance of tailwinds that way (or more importantly: less chance of headwinds). But I really don’t know what the prevailing winds are like at all. Anybody got ideas?

The ride will not be happening anytime soon.Campbell was injured in a car/bike collision.we wish him all the best and for a speedy recovery.

if you’re still planning to do it without our injured hero, it would be easier to do it west -> east (adelaide to melbourne). those winds can be brutal.

True, although the winds can be just as brutal from the East. Check out the BOM wind data here, you can pick the month you are planning to go. Cape Otway is a good location half way along the Great Ocean Road.