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So, I’ve finally decided to accept the blindingly obvious fact that, in regards to road rage, cars are not the problem but people are. Furthermore, road rage is a mental state that transcends the vehicle in which the ``road-rage-er" currently resides.

The conclusion, waves of bicycle commuters I see everywhere are equally as angry, aggressive and not at peace with the world as the car drivers they so often bitch about. Perhaps even more so, because of a lack of ability to run over the peanuts that annoy them…

Even when riding with groups of people I know, who based on interests, lifestyle choices and political views would appear quite peaceful, I am astonished to see how aggressive they get. This might happen when cut off, when pushed aside, or when they’re simply not seen, which may or may not be rectified by their choice of road position.

My belief (and perhaps only mine…) is that emotions are infectious. If your rolling down the tram tracks, or in a bike lane, and smile and thank people for not walking in front of you, they smile back. If you glare at them with a look that aims to make them thank their lucky stars that they didn’t walk out on your hard hitting punk cycling arse, then they will probably glare right back at you. I think we should share the roads, pedo’s, bikes, cars, buses, trucks, and everything else. I don’t want to be segregated into any strange bike only place, or pedestrian only place, I want to share, because without sharing I couldn’t have the satisfaction of gingerly smiling at a driver when they’ve seen you and having them smile back.

Emotions have inertia, people that are smiling want to stay smiling, and people that are gritting their teeth, sweating, and angry at that guy in lycra that just flipped them the bird will find satisfaction in expressing those emotions. If a driver is parked across the bike lane at a super-stop on Collins and holds a hand up apologetically when they see you trying to scrape by, instead of shaking your head in disgust, or flipping their side mirror backward, sperhaps you could simply smile and wink at them, no worries… Who knows, maybe they will look out for you next time, and we can all share?



Teehee. Are we thinking of the same city?

Bikes make people happy. Cars make people sad. That’s one of the problems.
I wish everyone thought like you though! :smiley:

I think that trying to get from A to B in less time than you have available, makes people shitty, whether they have chosen to ride or drive or take PT is less of an issue, it predisposes people to be shitty and be shitty to others. I agree with Corz in that different modes of transport empower people to different extents and in different directions - oh I’m on a bike, I get to run reds willy-nilly, oh I’m in a car, I get to tailgate and/or drive aggressively, I’m on a footpath, I can walk two or three abreast 'cause we’re having a chat. Any interactions people have along the way, once this criteria is a factor, is affected by it. Having to hurry or cut corners affects other road users, cyclists who decide to run a red because they don’t have the time or the fitness to slow down, wait for a couple of peds and then speed up again (a ‘laziness’ red light jumping theory) or motorists who decide to speed or PT users who don’t have time to buy a ticket and choose to go without and risk getting stomped by revenue protection officers goons, or who catch the same tram at the same time each morning still expecting it to be less packed (instead of getting an earlier one if that’s what you really want.) Maybe it’s not the emotion that is infectious, but the behaviour, so if you fake it and wave or grin when you give way - even if they’d otherwise shit you to tears. Feign happiness. Who hasn’t waved and thumbs-uped to someone you’d sooner see set on fire, just to keep moving and get to where you need to be. Pedestrian-only or cyclist-only or driver-only spaces are segregatory, making that separation and trying to follow the ‘rules’ for using them only sets people up to get upset when those rules break down, ‘someone is in my lane’ or ‘on my path’ or ‘in my way’ when real-world situations arise, ie motorists turning left through a lane, stepping out of parked cars. What are you ‘doing’ in ‘my lane’? But how risky is a shared-everything space. Maybe not that risky, that studies on no road lines & no signage …

‘Pay it forward’ - be cheerful and tolerant to other road users - vs. ‘Pay it backward’ - dispense opinionated justice and vengeance to the lawless like only Clint Eastwood can … choose wisely :slight_smile: It’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice :slight_smile:


Agreed. Although i will say that rudeness and manners is a two way street. When i get shit, i throw it back twice as hard. But thats just me. In the same way i always make sure i give a freindly wave/wink at someone (car, bus, pedo) when they are looking out for me and acknowleging me as just another vehicle trying to get from A-B.



Is this the start of a new movement :slight_smile:

Never. To many thick skulled mother fuckers.

i wish it was.

agreed. only this morning a car trying to turn right ended up turning late because a car going the other way went through the lights late. the guy riding next to me swore and shook his head at the driver…when really, the only “inconvenience” the driver caused was that the cyclist wasted one rotation of his pedals.

seriously, deal with it.

as a driver, if someone wants to merge into my lane, i will usually let them - in the hope that i get the same treatment from other drivers when i want to merge suddenly.

the cyclists who get annoyed because somebody accidentally and unintentionally cuts them off, are no better than the drivers who tailgate/deliberately accelerate when you’re trying to merge lanes. yes, there are shit drivers who won’t see cyclists no matter what you do to be visible but come on.

As KRudd said today - we’re all human.

whether you drive, ride, walk, run, whatever…ppl just need to chill the f out

Good call Corz.

It amazes me how often cyclists complain that drivers are in such a hurry to get nowhere, and at the same time lots of cyclists can be bothered waiting for red lights and such.

Conclusion: loads of people are shit, some of them ride bikes.

That needs to be made into a sticker.

Just some are Rudder ruder than others.

Hahahahaha - I think I will wave/wink at the pedos too :smiley:

Just don’t wave at Pedo Bear!

do you guys have signs like these in the melbourne cbd??

in terms of road rage I think bicycle style road rage is some of the most entertaining to watch.
If two cyclist come up against one another in a road rage incident they dont have to walls of a car to inhibit the message they are trying to get across. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I’ve learnt anything from this thread

it’s that typing errors are the leading cause of the sexual abuse of minors.