"Melbourne's Banksy blunder mocked overseas"

while ‘banksy’ and his bogan followers irritate me, at least you have some sort of culture in melbourne

the olive green and battleship grey paint supply in adelaide is limitless and covers all unsanctioned art within hours

didn’t he do a lot of work in the late 80s / early 90s? in the states, yeah? mostly around washington DC? and before that california?

You’d fucken love Sydney then. We’ve got “culture” running liberally out of our collective arse.

didn’t banksy paint over a classic 20yo piece a few months back that got him in all sorts of <s>hot</s> lukewarm water with london’s “graff” “kings”.?

Gulp, sounds horrible

Unless I fail at detecting sarcasm… where the hell in Sydney are you referring to? lol

i tried to just reply with “yep” but apparently that wasnt enough letters to satisfy the forum post laws. problem solved.

hell yeah this thread went off… yep there are plenty of other Banksy pieces fools can try and save around the place,
but in the end it’s all impermanent, even the beautiful old stuff we lost from 20+ years ago.
but thats the point, to see it with your own eyes and document it for yourself is the best part.

Yeah, and then “King Robbo”, the london graff royality that you’re refering to, modified some Banksey pieces. It was all a rather boring really. Someeven suggested that it was a publicity stunt between both artists.

As far as the mockery of Melbourne painting over the piece, should anyone really care? At the end of the day it is all graffiti, its not as if it was a work hanging in a National Gallery and then some one defaced it.

not really sure why i should give more of a fuck about a jeffrey smart than a banksy…

(even if i really, really like jeffrey smart’s work)

yep, just another rich old white man. kill em all

i used to have this sweet t-shirt.

it got a lot of comments.

I wonder why…

you know this is a good thread when yesterdays Age newspaper comments on it.

Banksy To Visit for Sydney Film Festival | Banksy Art

seems he’s trolling from a higher level.


who give a sh*t

he is a wanker and his work is toss

says the dude with damien hirst as his avatar :stuck_out_tongue: