Melbourne to Portsea and back on Sunday…

We leave at 8am from Fed Square.

Lunch at Portsea Pub.

Then haul ass home.

about 200k’s.

Fixed/SS/Roadbikes/lycra/cutoffs whatever…

Most welcome as long as you’re not a wanker and can make it without you or your bike whinging or blowing up :smiley:

BRING WATER, appropriate supplies etc. I don’t want to be giving my tubes out.


I’m in…

I wish I was in…

I want a ride report, Sime and Tatts. Did you guy do a film for this? should off… being further than Mordy makes it film worthy from memory…

me too.

I am also looking forward to hearing how this went today…Sime knows how my attempt to Portsea fixed turn out last time…ill prepared,sunburnt and not nearly enough water…it was a big day to say the least. Hope you guys had better luck.

rode Melbs to Rye same day, i imagine you had a decent headwind on the way home because I was flying between Dromana and Rye with a ripping tail bout 10.30am.

what’d you have for lunchtime sustenance?? :wink:


Benny (coffee), Mikey and myself left about 8.45ish from Fed Square

Stopped in Frankston at a servo got some drinks/nibbles

Mikey won the polka dot jersey up Olivers Hill…

Headed down Main St, Mornington to Dromana rather than goin inland like last time I did this ride, VERY NARROW SHOULDER on that stretch, couple of close calls.

that hill down and under the waterway was sweet though

Stopped in Dromana at a chemist and got some Jelly Beanz

Got down to Portsea Pub a little bit before 1… had an awesome Veg lasagna with the best seats in the house looking straight out over the bay with a couple of pints of coke… WAS WICKED.

I got a flat riding out of Portsea, fixed that and we kept rolling…
Mikey was riding fixed and kicked his drink bottle while he was putting it back in the cage and dropped it near Dromana, lucky he was riding 3rd in the group and no one hit it.

The windy road back into Mornington from Dromana was much nicer on the way home once we got up the big climb at the beginning.

Chilled in Mornington for a bit and got a drinks and a chocky bar.

smashed it back through Franga, I loooooove riding down Olivers hill…

Benny jumped on the back of a couple of roadies who passed us and myself and Mikey couldnt be fucked… I started to fade pretty hard in between Franga and Mordy, so I got some Jelly babies, loaded up on that sugar and felt suprisingly good for the ride back into town.

Rolled a good pace home, Mikey peeled off in Hampton… Benny and myself rode to St Kilda, got some food at Veg Out Time then split not long after.

Was a good day and the weather was Awesome, slight headwind on the way home but that was OK.

Thanks the Benny and Mikey for coming and doing their longest ride to date…
extra props to Mikey for doing it fixed 48-19 in clips and straps.

Shattered I missed this ride, my road tyres were stuck at work all weekend, and I only had my track tyres. I’ve been craving Portsea Pub coke pints for weeks now!

Nice one guys. So what was the total distance?

Just over 200kms, personal best for me…

I’m there next time.

I’m down for the next one, getting the roady this week so no excuses!

“Headed down Main St, Mornington to Dromana rather than goin inland like last time I did this ride, VERY NARROW SHOULDER on that stretch, couple of close calls.”

That’s crap along there. I got run off the road by some dick in a 4wd over Christmas.

great ride in that section, pity about the shoulder.