Melburn Midnight Madness 2!!!

Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, it’s that time of the year for the 2nd installment of AIC Racing’s “Melburn Midnight Madness” Alleycat!!!
For those of you who missed it last year here is the thread,

Just like last year I am putting the day of the event up to you the racers, it will be on the Melburn Cup weekend, so let’s decide a date!
This year there will be more checkpoints, some tricky questions, booze, tunes, plain hard CASH for the winner, and even a trophy!

Once we have voted on a night I will put all the info up.

I currently have 50% of the vote, I feel powerful.

Awesome. Max is away.

ahahaha true

So keen for this! How many people entered lastyear?


I think Max won 120 in cash so divide that by 5, 24 peeps


Votes will be tallied on Wednesday, so get your preference in!

Halloween? Fvck yes

Don’t the couriers always organize a Halloween Alleycat?
Anyway, I was gonna organize something cos it’s my actual birthday on the 30th, so I thought I’d throw you all a party, till I realized there’s a big drift event at calder park that weekend, so I’m goin’ to that! Yeeeeow!

Sunday the 30th at Midnight it is.
Flyer up soon!

YEEEEEEEH. I’m gonna win.

Not if I can help it.