Melburn Midnight Madness 2!!!

Ladies & Gents here we go again!

For those of you that missed out last year, the idea of this race is to utilise the long empty roads of Melburn city. So come prepared for some long stretches of fast paced racing!!!
As it says on the flier there is a cash monies prize for the winner and much booze provided. AIC racing’s own, Max Power, raked in a handy $120 for his trouble last year! So the more people we get down, the higher the prize will be.
Our friends at Knog and Saintcloud have also been very generous and are chucking in some prizes for the other top racers.
Seeing that it falls on Halloween I encourage everybody to dress to impress, those who do will be rewarded with a nice little head start!

The time on this race is final! If you are not there and registered by 11:50 you will start after 12!

User Jelmer!!!
You are the lucky DFL racer from last years race, so if you rock up again you will be handed a handicap start!

It’s going to be a whole lot of fun, hope to see a big turn out from our massive Melburn user base!

Let’s get busy!!!

Last year was fun!

He’s faster now, and he actually knows where he’s going this time… fucker.

jelmer must be fast if chax chuggington is worried…

i thoroughly enjoyed the last midnight alleycat. still not sure how i avoided getting done by the cops after blatantly running 2 reds directly in front of two cop cars. must’ve been coz it was midnight on a sunday…

Yep - this might be my favorite race of the year. Any chance of some Lorimer st action this time around?

was it you that was pipped by max last time round?

Yes. and I’m still angry about it.

Let’s make it happen! I’m planning the route this this weekend.

i’ll race and beat chaz (seems like everyone is doing it these days)


Are roadies allowed?

I hope so

I’d let you beat me, but you ain’t my type sweetheart.

Yea sure, but you better be in costume!

life partners?

Damn I really can’t repeat last years fiasco. Do I get a double handicap start if I rock up in a costume?

I would also wear last year’s DFL award t-shirt. I think it’s in the back of my wardrobe somewhere, unwashed of course.

do it!!!

This year the race will feature:
Nicholson St
Royal Parade
Racecourse Rd
Lorimer St
Swan St
Flinders St and
Collins St

There will be a question and answer Manifest, so bring a pen, and a bag might be handy as well!!!

I like the sound of this. The less time spent on the other side of the river the better chance I have of knowing which way the city is.

Is Rapha kit appropriate as costume?