Melburn Midnight Madness 2!!!

I do hope my outfit arrives in time, or I may have to join you in Rapha kit.

Might have to rethink my costume either that or I’m going to have to find a tandem and partner before sunday :slight_smile: . I just attempted to ride in it and succeded in crashing into a wheelie bin and a tree in the space of 1 minute before simply just tripping over trying to get off.

Sweeet. Pity its past my bed time.

Ladies and Gents!
We are about 8 hours away from take-off!
The course has been set, the booze is bought, the prizes are awesome and there’s even a trophy!
Put on a costume and Occupy Melburn with some mad midnights skids!

Don’t be a fool and regret that you missed it tomorrow!!!

2 hours away!
For everybody racing tonight you will need a PEN!


I only have a few spares.

Goodluck everyone!!! I would be rolling with you but I’m in bed and only just realized this is tonight… :(…

That was truly a lot of fun. Thanks for throwing it on p.m.

YEW! that was pretty awesome. Thanks to every C.unt

Cheers p.m was a top night. I had a laugh, met some new people and didn’t overheat and die.

Cheers for the night p.m. Was a good long haul, friedest route but got there in the end. Thanks to all!

Another great race done and done!
Thanks to all who braved the slightly shitty weather to smash it out and race last night. We couldn’t hold these races if no one showed up so a big cheers to you all!
Tied for 1st/1st & 2nd: Team “Caz-A-Taz”
3rd: Lachy
DFL: Cape-man? sorry dude I didn’t get your name.

It was a really good fun race, made it longer and a bit trickier this year.
Big thanks to AIC team members Louey & Danny for helping with the setup and Kate for keeping us company in the cold!
Massive thanks to Nick from Saint Cloud! He always puts a great package together for our races and this year was no exception.
Also a really big thanks to Sean from Knog, unfortunately the Knog prize package arrived today so I wasn’t able to give out the prizes to all the mad people who came down.
I have decided that I will sell the Knog prizes off and donate the proceeds to my works Movember fund, Knog have given so many good things that I think this is a really nice way to go about handing them out. So PM me an offer and I’ll be able to hook you up no worries.
We have:
White/Red Knog cycling cap
Gekko 3 LED Rear Light
Gekko 3 LED Front Light
Grey “Stay In School” t-shirt, size S
White/Red Goat Leather Skull Gloves, size L
4 sticker packs

I’ve also got 2 cotton bags, a patching kit, packs of patches and badges to throw in to whoever comes first.

Once again, thanks to all who came down, I love putting these events on and seeing everyone enjoy themselves. The only bummer is that I can’t race, so I mashed home hard to make myself feel better.

See you next year!!!

Another Indie ₪₪₪₪

Cheers for the race, it was great fun!

His name is henry and he was killing it as batman.

Yeah Hez Batman!