Melburn Midnight Madness

Sunday the 7th of November at Melburn Museum.
Be there by 11:30, no later, rego will close at 10 to 12.
$10 entry, winner takes $5, and $5 for booze.
If you do not want beer please let me know at rego and your $5 will be allocated to another drink of your choice.
If you would like to help out on a checkpoint that would be awesome, PM me.
To clarify, that’s 11:30pm, starting at midnight.
This race is designed to use the long streets surrounding the inner city of Melburn, all checkpoints are well known places.
There will be an afterparty, just with tunes and and drinks.

Flier up tonight.


:slight_smile: nice ,

paddy, this makes me happy.

thank you sir

Night sprints! Can’t wait for this.

holy crap this is going to be a massive 3 weeks, there is still more to come boys and girls.

p.m., so down

flier up!

why on a sunday?
most peeps gotta earn the dollahs on monday mornings

people voted for it on a sunday

Super sweet, this is gon’ be good.

I voted against, until the prospect of going straight to work came up.
Maybe down, maybe sleeping.

Also, glad I don’t have to buy my entry a month beforehand.

the original plan was to have an alleycat when the streets would be nice and quiet, for maximum high speed shenanigans.

i think everyone will be working monday morning. i’m sure you’ve rocked up to work in worse conditions (although i have absolutely no evidence to base this on).

i’m already dreading work, but this is gonna be so awesome :slight_smile:

ah, ok that makes sense in terms of the quiet streets aspect.

and don’t worry there is most definitely quite a substantial amount of evidence to back up your claim.

i like the concept , exept for the part when i finish the race and think fuck no more trains im riding to noble park now .

don’t forget to add this event to the calendar!

If i go, I can give you a ride home dude.

paddy, who in fuck made that flyer?

it was all me

drawing done by my friend Bridgett: vile insect

sicccc flyer

my friends!
the drinks will be at fitty bowl so feel free to ride a bmx or bring a skateboard along
will have music, beers and a light so it should be real chill
thanks to knog and saint cloud for getting on board, will put flyer with sponsors up soon.