Melburn-Roobaix 2008

Just had a look at and noticed on one of the side banners that this year’s Melburn-Roobaix is on the 13th of April.

Interesting change of date as it has been on the start of the TDF for the last two years. Has this year’s tour moved forward? Or is something else happening on the 13th?


Probably to coincide with the Paris Roubaix.

I think the real reason that the Roubaix is on April 13 was to coincide with the pornstar “Jana Cova” birthday (April 13)

I thought it was to coincide with the birthday of the Irish writer and Nobel laureate - Seamus Heaney

So what it to be Nexus, porno smut or Nobel Laureates (read: edjamacation)? At our age we should celebrate porno smut

I’m happy to go with Jana, I’ve certainly seen more of her movies (and her) than I have read Seamus’ prose.