Melburn Roobaix 2009

Just wondering what time we should roll up to register for the Roobaix on Sat? Never done the ride before and saw that it said to get there early to register. Does that mean an hour early like 11ish or even earlier?

11 should do it. i doubt andy will be there before that.

what time does everyone reckon the riding will be done by, for an average person, and approx what time are the prizes presented? i’ve had a couple of people ask, and i’m thinking riding done by 3pm, but i’m not sure.

i think i stayed at the Velodrome last year until about 4-4.30ish and people were still coming through.

3 would be a safe bet.

sweet, thanks.

does anyone know what the course is?

You don’t find out until the day. And usually it’s not a set course. There are things to do and places to go but you decide how to do it. On the other hand, it might be completely different this year.


I rode the course this morning in some secret pre-race RIDE testing. Fkn awesome. Oh and BUMP. Cause thats all i can hear now in my head :evil:

Edit; oops :slight_smile:

And remember boys and girls … it’s not a race.

I’ve been meaning to give the Col d’ugly a practice run, but the queue has been too long…

…had to settle for the Carlton d’ugly.

anyone hear anything about what diabolical schemes TC has dreamt up?

Yeah you show up early and start at 12, ride a round for a bit, get coffee and lunch and have beer at the end.

Relax buddy, its all part of the excitement. Remember its not a race.

Fixed that for ya.

What are the details for the ride tomorrow? Locale’ etc…?

Thanks for the great day Andy and all the others involved, winning a prize in the raffle topped off a fantastic event.

Such a an awesome ride today. Highlights include
[li]Teaming up with strangers after the checkpoint lists ran out[/li][li]the pinging of railway rocks bouncing off my rims & spokes[/li][li]a train driver stopping to yell at us, and all 150 of us ignoring him[/li][li]some long and some steep laneways[/li][li]the threadlocker holding my cranks together not coming loose[/li][li]watching someone bomb a steep hill outta control (brakeless?), run a stop sign across a main road (now going the wrong way) and only live because a 3 tonne truck AND a car coming the other way both saw him and stopped. Seemed bloodly close when he split between the front of both vehicles.[/li][li]the first pot of coopers not even touching the sides at the Lomond[/li][/ul]

Thanks Andy & Co. Is the best ride of the year.

liam (user LAM) said i should post this photo of him riding to the hospital with his broken hand after stacking it on the drain section of the roubaix. i spoke to him a few hours ago and he’s doing ok but they’re operating tonight. ouch!

great ride otherwise. lots of fun.

big thanks to all the people who organized and ran this ride today did a great job. especially dan. :slight_smile: