Melburn Roobaix 2012

After having fun doing this last year, I’ll definitely be registering again this year. I might even ride a more practical bike (NOBR AKES tarck wasn’t the best idea). I think a few of us may be coming over, including Mrs JLN not ZLTN.

So who’s registered already?

EDIT: It’s on Sunday June 24th.

I’m thinking of coming down but have to work out the dates as I have Bali booked.

Still trying to get the missus involved too but got the Engagement party the weekend after then pushies galore the weekend after that, so it’s not looking great…

I had a great time last year apart from getting a flat as I was rolling up to Harrison St to do my finishing lap. I’ll definitely be trying to register again this year.

I’ll be smack bang in the middle of moving to Sydney on the April 13th though, so I’m not quite sure if I’ll qualify for interstate guaranteed registration!

Ihad a great time last year although coming over from Perth I was guaranteed a place. Not so lucky this year having moved back to Victoria. Went down on Saturday to register and in. If you are trying to decide whether to make the effort or not, just enter. Easily the best day of cycling I have had. Nobody cares what you ride, people are friendly and it’s a great day. If you’re coming from interstate, get some mates together and make a quality road trip out of it.

Nothing makes for a quality day of cycling more than a new bike, bluestone pitchers and half a dozen scotches at a pub halfway through the ride!

I have heard about this ride. It sounds fun.

It is!

what’s it all about?

It’s a fixie race.

This is what alexb618 told me about fixie racing…

Hey dude, have you heard anything about a scene called “Fixie” Racing.
Just getting into it, apparently it started in Tokyo about a year ago… crews race Fixies across the city.

People show how many races they’ve won and how much respect they have by putting playing cards in their spokes.

Apparently it’s getting bigger and there’s a pretty big scene in Sydney.

I heard if you have one of the bikes with cards in the spokes without winning a race you get proper beatdowns.

The bikes are super light and have no brakes or anything.

There’s crews popping up all over the world now, I’ve seen a few of the bikes around they’re really distinctive.

Well in that case I’m way out of my depth. Abort plans now.

20mm tyres are recommended…


I thought we were mates…

Furthest travelled so far is Berlin. Might be tough to beat.

If you want to beat the internet / watch roubaix - kill two birds this Sunday night.

I couldn’t resist!

Might have to put my napsack in my knapsack and roll on down.

You’ll be there Blakey, I’m sure the devastation of not winning the coffee machine last year will guarantee your return in 2012.

I just registered for this.

Need recommendations on cheap places to stay. Also accepting offers from anyone who wants to billet me for a night in exchange for beers/hugs/a place to stay in Adelaide.

Take up this offer! this guy gives great hugs.

You’re great, Hugs.

remember when it was small enough to fit in a pub at the end?

times fly, etc.