melburn roobaix article - Nov/Dec Australian Cyclist

if you can get your hand on a print copy there are moar pics of some familar faces … ndf etc :smiley:

No photos of the winner, probably cause he was there too early at the finish. :roll:

No prizes mentioned for the winner either, just a little rock and some glory and bragging rights. :roll:

there is no winner if there is no race :roll:

You’re only saying that cause you can’t get to the Velodrome first. :wink:

Everybody knows ‘it ain’t a race’ is only a disclaimer like every other race that’s not a race.


it’s NOT a race.


You’re only saying that cause you won

I’m looking forward to next year. :evil:

Pity you won’t be able to see over the podium steps.

2010? :smiley: