Melburn Roobaix Polaroids

As Trackcunt promised, the polaroids taken at the summit of Col d’Northcote are no on display outside 262 Flinders Lane.

Yeehaaar and I checked them out on Wednesday night. I counted 85. I wonder if that means a bunch of people didn’t even make it that far?

I definitely saw people at the start that I didn’t see again.

Anyway, check it out. You might be famous.

Some riders didn’t complete the course, some people rode as a ‘team’.

The original idea was to give racers the polaroids to keep - Dan decided to hold on to them for a month and display them.

You can pick your own up in a month.

We are shutting down the Eastern from Springvale road to Brunswick st for 2 hours for the ‘Freeway Madison’. Three person teams. Springvale road to Punt road. More details as they come.