Melbz Airport to Wantirna South - how to get there?

Looks like Mrs. Spirito and I might try to combine a drug delivery and attend a swingers party this weekend. We’ll fly to Tallamrine and we’ve got no idea how to get to the boondocks of Wantirna/Knox? What gives … too long for a cab? Bus/train?

Obviously after delivery we’ll be cashed up and up for it, getting there seems too hard for my old man’s brain at 11.52pm. Hence the ?

You working on Thursday crazy horse?

Work? It’s a much overrated pernicious habit that’s more akin to thinly veiled indentured slavery and never amounts to anything. I want the high life, bust dope moves and get loaded. Ya dig?


thats a pretty hefty cab ride, if no lift is offered, you on a timeframe?
for your PT options, get the skybus from airport to city (southern cross), train (from southern cross also) to bayswater which is closer to wantirna south and then a cheaper cab from the station, or train to glen waverley and cab from there its further but this line is safer/way less scummy, but by the time you combine all these costs and the time its gonna take, you might as well get a cab all the way, it might cost $70+ at a guess? i grew up in knox, but i never got no taxi to no airport

I’d get a Skybus to the city and cab from there. It’ll be pricey but better than a long train trip on one of Melbourne’s worst lines.

Melbourne has buses in the sky,
Can’t wait to see them is qlders are way behind.

That’s probably about the best idea.

I reckon it’ll be over $100 to cab all the way from Tulla to Wantirna. It’s around $60 just to get into the city.

Coupla my co-workers live out that way and cabcharge it to the airport regularly, fare to Wantrina could be as much as $110-120, depending on traffic & time of day.

You might jump on the web to see if there’s a private airport shuttle bus that goes out way - there are a couple of services down south where I live but I don’t know about east, much cheaper but slower (but includes free tour of Melbourne suburbs).

OR it might be cheaper/quicker to hire a car and drive yourself.

Looking like this might be the best option. It’s not a 100% and I’ll only know if we’re going the day before so might think about a rental car.

if you hire a car, try this place

This is good for getting a low rate, have used in the past.

When would you be landing at Tulla? Perhaps you could ‘hire-a-blakey’

If you want to save money, have a look at the ever reliable Viclink journey planner:

Viclink Journey Planner - Your guide to public transport in Victoria

Sure, it might take 2 buses, a train, walking and a tram, but it’s possible!

Having seen your shed, this could be the most price effective method. he will work for 7 speed suntour freewheels and long-reach mafac brakes :wink:

Haha !!! It would be taking advantage of Blakey and there’s not a lot concrete just yet so we’d prefer to go our own way and not put anybody out.

Have also seen this shuttle bus service Airport Bus Eastside - Melbourne / Australia | Transfers Melbourne Airport - Airport Bus Eastside … Airport to Knox and we can cab the last part.

Could be Ok if we’re flying Sat morning … no service on Sunday.

So … seeing as most of the flights to Melbz have close to doubled overnight and given we won’t know until the day before if we are heading down we’ve decided to combine a little romanticism with necessity (the mother of invention): we’re gonna catch a train down. Overnight and 1st class sleeper comfort, kind of exciting especially as most 1 way flights are going for $300 to $500 and quickly filling up. Train tickets were just over $200 (sleeper cabin + breakfast) and (most importantly) we only get stung $5 for cancelling up until the last minute before the train leaves. That’s the deal breaker right there because most refundable flights are incredibly pricey (at short notice).

That’s gonna make the schlep to Wantirna/Knox a lot easier (from Southern Cross) and it seems the services are regular.

plus trains rule.

Damn it. If you were going next weekend when I will be in Melbourne town as well, we could have gone and partied with the help of your cargo!

  • EDIT… my dates are completely out of whack. 2 weekends away I will be in Melbourne town. As you were.

They do in Europe. I’ve had some amazing train trips.

Can’t say for Oz but I’ll soon find out.

plus wantirna rules.

Take in a nice ride up the 1 in 20 and The Wall while you’re out that way.